Karlos Autograph Pic FINAL 72


Born and raised in Las Cruces NM, I have been singing since I was Six years old. I have performed for school productions and continued on to graduate from Alma D' Arte Charter Arts High School. I studied dance at New Mexico State University, where I performed for various dance and theatre companies. I have taught dance to area youth and sang Mariachi with Mariachi Aguilas. Lately I have begun to work on my own music which has led to bookings at church festivals, quinceañeras, weddings, birthdays and other area events.
I fell in love with music because ever since I can remember, my mom would blast music throughout the house all the time. We didn’t watch much television but we heard lots and lots of music. She would teach me the meaning of songs, translating the lyrics in English so that I could understand. I could feel and hear the emotion behind the words that she would explain to me. We would listen to Selena all the time, my mom would sing the songs and teach us how to dance cumbias in the kitchen, even while she was cooking or cleaning. These stories are what means most to me, each lyric is what drew me closer to the Spanish genre. It’s a storytelling genre. I hope that the music I create will inspire others to pursue their dream whatever it may be, and that the story and legacy I leave behind is one that people will look onto for years to come.
I have teamed up with Gomez Productions and I am grateful for what they have done for me. I am looking forward where my music career will take me. For bookings or any other info please email us at gomezproductions@yahoo.com or karlosmusic22@yahoo.com. I would like to thank you all for supporting my music and without god, family and fans, none of this would be possible.